How To Be A Great Lover

It would be easy to begin this blog with some straightforward advice as to the most pleasurable acts, positions or toys. But I am not going to. As a woman with a very healthy appetite for hot sex I want to talk about what really makes a man a great lover his listening skills. Men who are good in bed are good in bed because they listen to their woman. A truly great lover is not a man who has discovered some mystical and mythical g-spot, or someone hung like a horse, or a guy who can go all night though I am sure there are girls who would be happy with one or all three of those things! A great lover listens and responds to his girl, learning even as he pleasures her, what it is that drives her wild with excitement. And then, with a repertoire of sexual acts at his disposal he is able to play his woman like a musical instrument, eventually knowing her stops as Hamlet once said.

So, an accomplished lover will never make love the same way twice. He will be different with each of his conquests. And more to the point, he will celebrate what it is that makes each individual girl special.Of course having a silvery tongue doesnt hurt. A woman is aroused as much by what she hears as what she sees. Make her feel good, set the tone, the mood. Help her to realise her fantasies and give her what she is dreaming of. And as anyone who has truly satisfied a woman knows there will be ample reward for your efforts when she fully gives herself to you in the climax of her passion.So listen to your lover and put into practice everything you learn.

In the same way a high quality escort will listen to her clients and will respond accordingly. A top escort will never go through the motions or assume that one approach, one type of attitude, one set of actions will suffice or satisfy. A truly great escort will be able to almost intuitively know what makes a client tick and she will do everything she can to make him happy.

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