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Tatiana Bey

24 years / Vienna / Austria

Consider me your oasis – The perfect escape: Your day may be great now. I can make it better. I will awaken your taste for advernture and I will have you trying new things or tempt you into exploring another side of yourself. You will find me to be confident, loyal, caring, and a fantastic listener who will always go the extra mile to keep the meeting fresh and exciting. What matters the most is the kind of person we are to each other. I enjoy the openness of being able to share with someone: our desires, needs, and wants. Does this sound like you?

You have tremendously high sense of self-worth, generous with your mind, have a good sense of humor, smart, and average doesn’t satisfy you. Look, I don’t need to know your full story if you don’t wish to share. I just want the part of you the needs me and I seek the same. You belive everything happens for a reason? Like finding my website. What happens next? We should find out with you sending me an e-mail…

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