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Advertising Terms

“The Website” -
“The Customer” - You, The business placing the advertisement
“Advertisement” - The information, video, images and text published by us on your behalf including banner advertisements and escort profiles.
“Active” - being made viewable by the public
“Content” - all information of whatever kind (including profiles, posts, comments, blogs, chat, images, photos, audio, video, advertisements, messages, Reviews etc.), uploaded to our Website (including messages sent via our Website).

The Website is operated by The Service Provider.

The following terms and conditions apply to all advertising services offered by The Service Provider.

In placing an order for advertising services from The Service Provider, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

The Website is an advertising directory. Every payment made to The Service Provider is for advertising services, and is for a set number of days, for a particular advertising package.

Our full rate card is listed at: and outlines all of our available packages along with the time frames that your advertisement will be active for, and the associated cost.

We are not an escort agency or escort service and do not accept any payments on behalf of the escorts or act as any other type of intermediary. The Customer and The Service Provider are totally independent of each other.

The Service Provider strictly offers business to business advertising services. We do not accept advertisements from consumers, or persons/entities, who are providing their services on a non-commercial basis.

Payment Process
All payments made to The Service Provider, for advertisements, must be made in advance of the advertisement being made active on The Website.

We accept payment via PayPal or banktransfer. The availability of payment options may change from time to time and we do not guarantee the availability of any payment service or option. We are unable to accept payment over the telephone or by any other medium.

New customers may only make payment via pre-defined methods and all payments for advertisements must be made by The Customer themselves, using their own payment facility.

Contractual Inception and Conclusion
The contract between The Service Provider and The Customer will become legally binding when a payment has been submitted by The Customer, and these terms have been accepted (by ticking the appropriate checkbox to indicate you agree to the terms).

Each of the advertising packages offered by The Service Provider, on The Website, is for a set price and for a set number of consecutive days.

Once this consecutive period has concluded your advertisement will automatically be removed and the contract between The Service Provider and The Customer will have completed.

Refund Policy
The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure that The Website operates with an uptime of at least 99% but we cannot be held responsible if this is changed due to circumstances beyond our control. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure our hosting is very reliable.

In the event that The Website is offline for more than 50% of the month then a full refund will be offered within 28 days for any remaining days of your advertising package.

For example: if you purchase 3 month’s advertising at a price of 60€ and our uptime is only 49% and you wish to seek a refund with 15 days remaining then a refund of 50% of your purchase price would be offered which would total 30€.

No refunds are available for any other reason, once an advertisement has been made active** it will commence for the set number of consecutive days, it cannot be paused or kept on hold in any way. Your advertisement may be stopped early but no refund would be offered.

Having informed The Customer about the prices, terms and conditions of our products and this being accepted by The Customer upon purchase, we inform that each claim will be evaluated individually before making any returns or refunds.

The Customer agrees that they are solely responsible for the management of their own Account and that they may only create one account on The Website.

The Customer must agree they offer an escort service for companionship only and do not offer paid services of a sexual nature.

Duo/Couple/Multi-Person Advertisements
The Customers agrees to the following special terms and conditions regarding advertisements which contain the details of more than one person.

All parties are exercising their free & independent choice to be a part of this advertisement.
All parties will have the power to end the advertisement at any time.
In the event of an advertisement being ended early on the instruction of any person included in the advertisement, no refunds will be offered.
All parties will have the right to edit the details of the advertisement as a whole but not the details of another party.
Any party who has agreed to be part of this advertisement shall be jointly and severely liable for its contents.

External Marketing Policy
The Customer agrees to give the Service Provider explicit permission to use any photos and advertisement information provided by You:

On Social Media Channels (such as, but no limited to, Twitter) used by the Service Provider for the promotion of the Website.

In email communications aiming at promoting advertisements on The Website.

Only information already contained within the customers advetisement will be displayed.

All photos will contain The Website's watermark to avoid misuse of the content.

The Service provider reserves the right to use and modify for commercial purposes any of the Customer's photos without previous notice. The Service provider commits to keeping the integrity of the photos used in that matter.

Premium Adverts
The Customer agrees that the purchase of a premium advert reserves this slot for their use and in making this purchase The Service Provider agrees to remove this slot for sale to others. Once a purchase has been completed the sale will be deemed to have completed and the premium advert will be queued on the Website. No refunds or changes are available for premium adverts in any circumstances. If an advert is suspended, stopped or otherwise unavailable and a premium advert has not yet completed, the premium advert will remain active in the database but not available for public viewing.

The Customer agrees to a 3 minute margin of error on the premium advert starting and finishing due to technical items beyond the control of The Service Provider such as file caching and DDOS protection services.

Viewing Adult Content
The Website contains sexually explicit material and is intended solely for consenting adults who are interested in and not offended by adult subjects like escorts, prostitution and sex. You must not use The Website if you are offended by any of its content or if you are accessing it from a location where your use of it could be deemed a violation of any law.